Company Profile

2970411ed1d980448823b496bd6894aa Jaya Raya Advertising was founded in 1995, located in Surabaya - East Java. In the early of its establisment, Jaya Raya Advertising only ran its marketing locally in Surabaya and focused in Acrylic Merchandising Display.

Using Acrylic sheet with its excellent transparency and elegant gloss like crystals, Jaya Raya Advertising can create various kind of product such as : Cigarette Dispenser, Medicine / Herb / Vitamin Dispenser, Candy Dispenser, Signboard, Information Board, Display Stand, Display Showcase, etc.

As the time passed by, as well as archieved experiences and constant quality Acrylic Products suppoted by various machineries, Jaya Raya Advertising is expanding its market to Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia.

The success in Indonesia does not make Jaya Raya Advertising satisfied, but make it more optimistic and more confident to apply new strategy for Acrylic products to be accepted by the neighbour countries like Myanmar and Japan.


Jaya Raya Advertising

Ngagel Jaya Utara 95
Surabaya - Indonesia

T. +6231-5036899
F. +62315024439